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We have published our first white paper on renewable energy source possibilities in Hungary. The paper involves hands-on research, lecture material from top niche professionals from Hungary and international experiences of the authors.

The title of the paper is “The big picture: report about renewable energy possibilities in Hungary


Find below the starting paragraph and more below the whole report as a pdf. You can also download the document if you follow the link at the bottom left of the opened google document viewer.


The big picture: report about renewable energy possibilities in Hungary

We can’t make the necessary hard choices if we don’t have the dialogue. We need to make decisions together

World Energy Trilemma Report 2013

Sustainable development and the strongly related secure supply is one of the most important questions arise among energy engineering issues. One of the first answers for the above complex problem is renewable energy sources. To achieve success, that is to integrate renewable systems, it is essential to design, control and support engineering and financial background of electrical engineering structures. The question is even more important for Hungary, where neither energy nor financial resources are abundant at all.

Download (PDF, 3.27MB)

One can also take a look at the English executive summary of the report here:

Download (PDF, 314KB)

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